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India mocks at the US September 3, 2005

Posted by gantech in Politics.

However others might consider, I see it that India is mocking at the US by pledging $5mn dollars to the US Red Cross reilef. Way to go India!!!!!!!!!!


On the other hand the same money could have spent wisely on Primary Education and all the other pressing concerns of India.



1. Aswin - September 3, 2005

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2. Aswin - September 3, 2005

Come on daaa. People are dying and this is no time for jokes/pranks.It isn’t humane to derive pride from any such act. And I for one don’t think that this act of giving $5mn is a joke. I am not sure of how ‘small’ this amount is..and it may not be of great importance in this tragedy. I would assume that it is symbolic in nature. India must provide help in which ever area possible. If the recent experience with tsunami can be helpful in any way…we must share it with the authorities in the US. We are humans first…supposedly civilized and only then Indians.

3. Ganesh V - September 5, 2005

I am not saying that we should be inhumane and not help countries in such situtations. But still you know, I derive pride by helping the US at whose feet many nations fall for running theirs. If India has developed to such an extent that it can help the US out in such situations, then that goes to show that it is a great country. The US moblized it’s USNS Comfort for the Katrina disaster, but not for Tsunami, whose scale was much bigger and affecting many more people. Remembering “With great power comes great responsibility” the US must certainly have mobilized that ship for the Tsunami. I don’t know how much help India or the other countries recieved from the US, but I believe it’s more from the organizations in US than the US Govt itself. So in comparison what India is doing is certainly a great job, however small be the amount.

4. Aswin - September 5, 2005

Quite frankly, i feel this is childish and naive. You think $5mn is a big deal in this whole thing?..it is symbolic at best. I am not arguing for/against US..my whole point is we can certainly be more mature and look at better ways (i don’t even agree that this is a way) of assesing our progress. And tone and tenor of your post does not seem to reflect any humane feelings.U say “mock”.. my god!..what do you think u talking about? We are talking about a grave natural disaster and I shudder to think that you chose this word to describe it. Now please don’t tell me “that is not what i meant”.

5. Ganesh V - September 7, 2005

I think this post of mine is because of my feelings towards the US. Now that you told this, I sit back and wonder if I would have told the same thing if the disaster would have happened inany other country!!!!!!!!! Perhaps not, so it’s more of an anti-US feeling rather than an inhumane one.

6. Aswin - September 7, 2005

As long as you are biased in your judgement of what is right or not.. u can’t argue against the US being biased. The world is a big baaaaaad place.. agreed. To us, US is a big boss..and India is a BIIG BOSSS to all those who live in Kashmir, manipur. My point is not to start a comparison. This is a humanitarian crisis and even Cuba (an arch rival of the US) has alse offered aid. Saudi is giving ~ $100 bill oil..or that is what i heard in NDTV. the numbers themselves may not make a great difference…but we must help to the extent possible/required.

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