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Springer and it’s Book Series November 13, 2005

Posted by gantech in External Links.

Springer Verlag or Springer is undoubtedly the best publishing house that I have seen so far, atleast as regards Engineering and Applied Mathematics. It's just too good. I look at any "Yellow" book now a days with a lot of respect.

One nice concept that they have is the concept of a "Series" on a given topic. A casual search on the series with the keyword "Computational" yielded me 56 series, 2230 books& CD-ROMS and around 107 journals. Of course I am interested only in CFD for the moment. So I have "bookmarked" only the relevant books as I considered it. My bookmarks.html is available in my website.

Springer Series in Compuational Physics
Springer Series in Computational Mathematics

The above series are my favourites. However a large number of issues seem to be missing from the first one. (infact only the two volumes by Flectcher are listed there) The famous book by Canuto, Hussaini et al on "Spectral methods in Fluid Dynamics" belonged to this series.

Another blog on some of the other books in the other field that I am interested in "Asymptotics and Boundary Layer theory" later.



1. Aswin - November 14, 2005

Dei, enable “word verification” in your blogger account da. Otherwise, ur blog will be filled with spam within a few days!

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