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Kannthil Muthamittal February 26, 2006

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Another one of those Mani Ratnam .. do I say classics.. Everybody played their part well.. but what I liked the most was the story and of course Simran. Never seen her act better.


Cycling alone on the road at 12.00 midnight February 14, 2006

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Ever cycled alone or with somebody at 12.00 midnight with the cold air blowing at your face.. Played football at that time.. Stayed up till 5 am on the terrace trying to capture Saturn using your Webcam….

Might sound weird to many.. but the first in the above list is something that I get to do every now and then when returning from the Library… and the others not so often (would love to) but yes.. atleast once…

Was just wondering.. how many people get to enjoy such things ??? Whoah I am just enjoying my life here at IIT Madras !!!

Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics February 14, 2006

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The first article of this particular yearly Journal or Book (call it whatever you want) is usually on a historical note.. say the life of a great guy in Fluid Mechanics or some institution.. Some times the amount of work done by some people is so much that their works are reviewed in the form of a series…(e.g G.I.Taylor)

This particular thing in the Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics just attracted my attention.. I was just browsing through all the issues in my Library looking for review articles on Turbulence for my term paper.. when I hit upon this.. This is likely to keep me occupied for quite some time…