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Koramangala and Kizhkattalai.. some comparisons March 30, 2006

Posted by gantech in Personal Ramblings.
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IBNLive : Bangalore: A city united in its woes

This is getting interesting.. I am using this set of articles by CNN-IBN to write my observations of similarities that exist between Koramangala and similar places in Chennai itself.

I have myself visited this area (Koramangala).. and I very much agree that this is much more posh and hi-funda compared to the other areas that I visited in Bangalore. And more importantly .. it's the area that generates so much income by virtue of Sofware exports that it will figure prominently even on the National Map because of it's ability to earn foreign exchange.

Take similar areas in Chennai.. say the Industrial Estate in Guindy.. or even better.. the Industrial Estate in Kizhkattalai (dunno if some body would have even heard of it.. but that's where my Father's factory is..) And it's a better case because I know what happens there directly. One might wonder what's the connection between Koramangala and such industrial estates.. But I feel that even though their scales are not even comparable, their contribution to the Indian Economy is much the same in principle..

But take their downsides..The roads are downright bad…. I have seen better ones in some odd village in Erode..Now if that area is an industrial estate.. just imagine the revenue that the government gets out of it.. (even after the owners devise all ways to evade taxes)..and not to forget the officials' dealings under the table !! .. I feel it's enough to give the area back atleast a road..one good road.. And won't this move actually improve the area and attract more investment.. One might argue that the job of the goverment is to be a nonlinear system.. taking from one place and giving it to other places so that other places develop equally well.. I am very naive in this aspect of large scale economics and have given up trying to understand them anywhere in the near future.. but what I am saying, I feel, is just basic common sense in Business..My Father cries for every paise of tax that he pays .. not because he loses his hard earned money ( and I mean it ..I know how much my Father sweats it out for the money that he earns) but because he doesn't even get basic facilities in return. And the owners have every right to demand better facilities..

Forget the owners crying for all this.. Let's see things from the point of view of officials.. The officials have every reason to do this (giving better facilities to these people) because these industries have massive growth potential..since they are still in their infancy. A simple facility like a good road.. might for all you know double the economic output or even better..start off a few more companies in that area.. (and on the lighter side.. though it's a serious issue.. increase the value of the "under the table dealings" as well..!!!!!) I urge the officials to think BIG !! and MORE IMPORTANTLY THE OWNERS OF SUCH INDUSTRIES TO USE THEIR MUSCLE (what ever little that they have) TO ACCELERATE DEVELOPMENT BOTH IN THEIR INTEREST AND OTHERS.


IBNLive : IAF Jaguar packs more firepower March 28, 2006

Posted by gantech in Personal Ramblings.
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IBNLive : IAF Jaguar packs more firepower

Am I becoming some brand ambassador for CNN-IBN..? Well I myself don't know..? It's feed is continously flashing on my desktop.. and hence the recent spate of blogs on it's articles..

These guys are very good at creating great hypes out of nothing.. Is another pilot in the back seat going to create so much of a difference.. so that it'll strike the fear Of God and the Air Force in the heart of the enemy. Fine I accept it does make a huge difference.. but all this is definetely too much…

I used to enjoy these Discovery channel programs on airplanes…There'll be some stud level background music … something like dudduddudddudd….and then "THE F117 Night Hawk" and then the presenter will talk as if that all the other planes are nothing compared to that.. and then the same thing about the next airplane as well..

But now .. after 3 years in the Aerospace dept.. and more importantly.. 3 months of elementary aircraft design..it seems so surprising and what's more .. funny ..that I really watched these programs..

Well now one can understand the difference between a 10 year old wanting to emulate A.P.J.Abdul Kalam and somebody like me trying to do so.. I guess.. I'll never get excited about these things the way I used to ..

In one way I feel happy that I have progressed in that aspect.. and who knows .. I may even achive more.. but I really miss those days… when such trivial things used to excite me a lot.

(after reading the article I felt that there was very little coherence in my post.. but who cares)

IBNLive : B’lore highway to success jammed March 27, 2006

Posted by gantech in Personal Experiences.
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IBNLive : B'lore highway to success jammed

Atleast some of this is what I experienced at Bangalore last May. Starting at 6.30 am in the morning to avoid the rush.. and one day I got delayed by 1.5 hours (making my journey time twice as much) just because I started half an hour late. Of course they suggest Public transport.. but that was the entire problem for me. The Buses were very good… (I mean relatively new).. but their schedule was horrible.. esp on my route.. you miss one and then wait for hours on end to get the next one.

My observation was that Bangalore doesn't really need those high funda bus stands that it currently has..!!!!!!! (atleast within the city!!!!!!!).. the buses move at a snails pace..!!!!! and the passengers would be much better off getting down wherever they want.. !!!!!!!! (just kidding.. but the bus stands there are much better organized than here in Chennai.. although the service is uncomparable.. (Chennai will win hands down)

And it did rain quite a bit during my stay there.. and those days were the worst.. I took a terrible 5 hours to reach home that day.. starting at 4 pm and reaching home at 9.00 pm.. whoah.!!!! I still have that day's ticket in my pocket.. !!! what an experience that was.. !!!!

IBNLive : Boring chat? Excuse is an SMS away March 21, 2006

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IBNLive : Boring chat? Excuse is an SMS away

Very clever indeed.. but aren't we degrading ourselves by doing such things.. trying to make something that should be directly told in the face like this.. and worse.. all in the name of innovation

Never mind.. I'll never understand the need for such things (if they do exist) unless I come to such situtations..Today.. I would rather prefer to say straight in the face and come out.. (accepted.. easier said than done)

Indifference and Lack of interest in Academics March 11, 2006

Posted by gantech in Personal thoughts.
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I see many an example of this happening around me. Infact more of this rather than not (atleast that's what I infer from what I see). An indifference towards academics. Whenever one sees a person reading more than what has been taught in the class or something totally unrelated to any of the courses he/she's taking, the first question that pops up is invariably.."Putting enthu..eh!" or "Project work..???? under whom da ??" or "Why are you unnecessarily putting fight da ?? What's the point ?? ". The last question will come up if the answer to the 2nd qn is negative.

Seriously let me ask you one thing…do you chat with friends in a gumbal to practise for a GD in an interview.. (if you do.. then something's seriously wrong.. I suggest you had better visit a psychiatrist !!!).. Isn't it for one obvious reason…. FUN .. Why do everybody forget this when it comes to Acads..

Can't reading anything related to Acads be fun.. ??? Why not.. ??? Why do everybody consider Acads and fun "ends apart"… I sometimes get irked by this.. I know it's the Academic system to blame.. I can tell you that I myself don't know where I would have landed up.. if it had not been hammered into my head that IIT is the place in the world to be.. infact so much so that .. even after they (mean my parents) had given up after my failure in my first attempt to get in.. I didn't … Most people land up here because of such hammering and not because of an real interest in sciences or engineering.. I accept it's tough to get an interest in these fields when you don't have an exposure to it before you come here… But my humble request to those who don't find this (academics) interesting is that… Please don't deter and demean others' interests.. esp hard found ones..I mean people jump over so many things before they find something like "Love at first sight"