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IBNLive : B’lore highway to success jammed March 27, 2006

Posted by gantech in Personal Experiences.

IBNLive : B'lore highway to success jammed

Atleast some of this is what I experienced at Bangalore last May. Starting at 6.30 am in the morning to avoid the rush.. and one day I got delayed by 1.5 hours (making my journey time twice as much) just because I started half an hour late. Of course they suggest Public transport.. but that was the entire problem for me. The Buses were very good… (I mean relatively new).. but their schedule was horrible.. esp on my route.. you miss one and then wait for hours on end to get the next one.

My observation was that Bangalore doesn't really need those high funda bus stands that it currently has..!!!!!!! (atleast within the city!!!!!!!).. the buses move at a snails pace..!!!!! and the passengers would be much better off getting down wherever they want.. !!!!!!!! (just kidding.. but the bus stands there are much better organized than here in Chennai.. although the service is uncomparable.. (Chennai will win hands down)

And it did rain quite a bit during my stay there.. and those days were the worst.. I took a terrible 5 hours to reach home that day.. starting at 4 pm and reaching home at 9.00 pm.. whoah.!!!! I still have that day's ticket in my pocket.. !!! what an experience that was.. !!!!



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