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IBNLive : IAF Jaguar packs more firepower March 28, 2006

Posted by gantech in Personal Ramblings.

IBNLive : IAF Jaguar packs more firepower

Am I becoming some brand ambassador for CNN-IBN..? Well I myself don't know..? It's feed is continously flashing on my desktop.. and hence the recent spate of blogs on it's articles..

These guys are very good at creating great hypes out of nothing.. Is another pilot in the back seat going to create so much of a difference.. so that it'll strike the fear Of God and the Air Force in the heart of the enemy. Fine I accept it does make a huge difference.. but all this is definetely too much…

I used to enjoy these Discovery channel programs on airplanes…There'll be some stud level background music … something like dudduddudddudd….and then "THE F117 Night Hawk" and then the presenter will talk as if that all the other planes are nothing compared to that.. and then the same thing about the next airplane as well..

But now .. after 3 years in the Aerospace dept.. and more importantly.. 3 months of elementary aircraft design..it seems so surprising and what's more .. funny ..that I really watched these programs..

Well now one can understand the difference between a 10 year old wanting to emulate A.P.J.Abdul Kalam and somebody like me trying to do so.. I guess.. I'll never get excited about these things the way I used to ..

In one way I feel happy that I have progressed in that aspect.. and who knows .. I may even achive more.. but I really miss those days… when such trivial things used to excite me a lot.

(after reading the article I felt that there was very little coherence in my post.. but who cares)



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