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Some cartoons that I liked in the Hindu April 1, 2006

Posted by gantech in External Links.

Two of the cartoons that I liked in the Cartoonscape section of The Hindu.. The list is very short because I don't read it everyday.. infact rarely..

This one was on the state of the members in the LS and RS !!

And this was todays cartoon on the Nuclear Deal and the US Law makers trying to change the course.. !! Dunno if really represents the situation.. but this was just too good.

And talking of cartoons.. I am reminded of this particular one.. though it's not a cartoon.. Aswin introduced me to this site bushcalendar.com ..It's a series of famous (or infamous as you may like to call it ) statements made by bush during his term.. They are available as a calendar (infact there are apparently 7 of them) and can be purchased… so that you can wake up daily to one of those quotes..Those quotes.(No I seriously mean it .. they don't deserve any lower status) !!. ha ha (sorry still can't stop laughing !!) simply too good..(LOL !! The best one is on the front page) Don't miss the opprtunity to go through the sample pages whenever possible..



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