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Quotas in IITS !!!!! April 3, 2006

Posted by gantech in Reservation Issues.

I was bit by this in Anna Univ.. escaped it when I wrote the JEE.. (yes the reservation for SC/ST's did exist.. about 22% ..but unfortunately..or fortunately.. not many came..atleast that's as far as I know )

Now… for OBC's.. BC's.. the figure rising to a staggering 50 % and what's worse.. from what I see in the media.. caste based reservation for Profs..!!!!!!! Gosh..!!!!! .. does Arjun Singh have anything inside his brain.. or is it all just mud.. or is he being compelled..Don't they like anything good surviving for some time.. Arey IIT's are not Oceans.. where you put any kind of junk.. and it'll still not make a difference..Even Oceans will react after some limit…
See Prof. P.V.Indiresan reacting here.

A TOI post here.. whoever wrote it.. and this is the most frightening.. it says the law could have been modified to accomodate the reservations the upcoming academic year itself..

An recent IBN Live post here..

Reader speak at IBN LIVE – here and here

I accept again.. large scale politics and economics still doesn't make sense to me.. I'll never be able to understand the basic requirement for reservations.. and probably it does make sense on such a large scale and is helping people out there.. but my personal experiences have been otherwise..Most of whom I have met from the these castes have never shown an interest in Academics.. (not to mention many from my own..so am not differentiating or discriminating anybody here) So my whole point is make it just merit based.. and as some body pointed it out in IBN Reader speak.. spend the very same money that the government plans to spend here on improving infrastructure in the primary and secondary levels.

I personally feel the basic difference between the IIT's and the other colleges.. is it's faculty and students.. basically the people who run it. The moment you spoil that.. the quality is sure to come down.. already the faculty are complaining as to the reduction in the quality of students who are being admitted.. we are all exam trained.. have absolutely no interest in Academics.. (except for a select few. and I just hope I am one of them) and want to get work done without putting in effort.. which is equivalent to violating the second law of thermodynamics.. just not possible boss..etc etc etc.. and I feel many of these arguments are valid.. you can't expect them to teach some body who is not interested in learning ..

And here in IIT Madras.. gult gumbals, tam gumbals, northie gumbals are already taking shape.. though there is some cross interaction.. these gumbals are beginning to affect our lives more deeply.. be it the politics of student elections.. or the ever popular Shaastra and Saarang Core and Co-ordships.. This will only add to the fire.. and it's very easy for a politician to catch up to this discrimination which is bound to happen some where or the other.(no system is perfect).. and make a big hue out of this.

And finally.. if Prof. P.V.Indiresan feels reservations are not correct.. then I feel happy that my view is not likely to be wrong.. though the reasons given may be different or outright foolish.. !!!!!



1. Aswin - April 5, 2006

“Most of whom I have met from the these castes have never shown an interest in Academics..”
My god!..is this exactly what u wanted to say? There are various pros/cons for reservations but the above point is NOT an argument at all. If there r pple out there with such views, we probably do need reservation. I shudder at ur insensitiveness.

2. Ganesh V - April 5, 2006

I think I have made it pretty clear that it was my observation and my observation alone..and my sample space is just too small compared to the entire population being benefited by this.. (I mean utilizing this reservation) And I hope there is nothing wrong in me saying so..

I mean when there is a reservation system for various castes.. you are bound to ask a person under which quota he/she came in.. esp when I have been bit by this.. I mean going by the way others consider a seat in Anna Univ and the pressure on me to get one.. it was clearly my life at stake..(though I laugh at myself for thinking in such a manner at that time) and hence it was not a deliberate question to underestimate the other person.. just to know.. if I was really bad or is it that others came in through just quota and not as I did.. And what I have said here is just a result of such observations..and I again say that these have been very small in number..

And what’s more.. I have even explicitly mentioned that there are people even in my own caste and every other one for that matter..(if you really care about it..) whom I have seen are not interested in Academics.. So my statement definitely does not count as a bias towards one.. If it does so.. I don’t care because I know it’s not.. though I would definitely like to correct others wrong perceptions about me.

But when nearly the entire institute is filled with such people.. it’s tough to maintain quality standards. And one wouldn’t like this to happen when these standards have been developed by hard work over the years. This is the point that I want to emphasize..

And more importantly why shouldn’t reservation be done at a primary and secondary level in school.. what really forces a requirement in reservation only at the college level ?? Why is it always expected of the universities to correct for the deficiencies when it can be cut off much earlier.. It can’t be the case of no deficiencies .. cos if it were so.. then the very point of reservations does not arise..

3. Aswin - April 5, 2006

Being presumptuous about the people who come through reservations is what I am objecting to. If you know that you have a small sample space, be careful about generalising.

You say that Arjun Singh’s head is “full of mud” and you have indirectly used the word “junk” to characterise whoever comes through the reservation system. None of these things point to any hint of humility that I would expect from someone who recognises that his sample space is in fact, SMALL.

I too have my cribs against such large reservations at the higher-edu/faculty level. But to resort to mindless name-calling does not help.

I hope you dont turnaround and say “It is my opinion, I dont care if u disagree”. If that is going to be case, disable comments!


“reservations in schools”

What is ur point??
Do schools have entrance exams??… Ever heard of govt schools ‘rejecting’ admission based on merit??. Most govt schools take everybody in. Where is the need for reservation? And for ur info, teacher jobs in schools do have reservations.

4. Aswin - April 5, 2006

And btw, my schools point should not be taken to mean that I am not for correcting the structure at that level. Good school education at affordable rates is a certain necessity in any route to substantial reduction of the inherent inequalities in our society.

5. Ganesh V - April 7, 2006

Have been reading some of the comments of the Mandal Commsission report..(any poitners on where I can the the original one…!!! more importantly can I ??) It seems to have suggested much more than plain reservation.. Obvisously only ‘hot topics’ such as this one which attracted my attention were hyped up ..

( One says 52% of India is in the OBC’s and another 23% in the SC/ST’s. And what’s more.. that 27 % reservation for the OBC’s will actually be a bad thing. And also that the govt had to hold back the reservation to 27 % only because of the Supreme Court ruling that no more than 50 % of the seats can be reserved.

This number (the percentage of the OBC’s and SC/ST’s) is quite suprising..atleast to me ..!! I have been so naive that I don’t even know whether to believe this or not.. Are the actual numbers of this order of magnitude.. Is it a result of the Government bringing more people under these categories for it’s own benefit? Or is really that all of them are really facing deep trouble.. ??

A more detailed post later.. If the above numbers are true.. reservations may be necessary after all..But the way it’s being imposed is questionable .. 50% and that too including faculty on this list..I still shudder at the very possibility of it happening very soon…

But this statement of mine still holds true.. whatever I have said so far is based only on my own experiences only.. I must learn to mention it more explicitly from next time on !!!

True.. you definitely can’t understand these things staying in the cities.. and defy not at IIT Madras.. I have still not seen a single case of the suppossedly lower castes being ill treated.. seen or heard such things only the media reports..

Many more questions !! Hope I get answers soon !!

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