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My first experience of “GETTING UP IN THE MORNING TO FIND A MONKEY IN MY ROOM” April 22, 2006

Posted by gantech in Personal Experiences.

Ya.. I seriously mean it.. Ever had such an experience.. I don't know what IIT Madras has in store for me.. But this is certainly exciting (slisha scary as well)

TJ woke me up at 6.45 on this beautiful day.. I had just finished 2 exams yesterday.. And Venkattraman was to come to my room only at 8.30 am.. so I thought I'll crash for some more time .. so where's the mistake. ?? I left my door open.. i.e I didn't latch it..

I never realised that 45 minutes passed away so soon.. I got up to some noise inside my room.. TJ generally has the habit of checking mails in another persons room.. and I saw some vague figure near my comp.. I just thought it must have been him and woke.. and lo and behold..!!! I had my "ancestral relative" sitting right in front of me.. (you expect me to take a pic and show you in this situation.. NICE TRY.. my life at stake).. It was coolly sitting in front of the comp.. (i dunno lokking for what.. I had no edibles in my room..!!)

I gave it one look.. and I don't know what it's look at my eyes meant.. ( I mean never before have I seen a Monkey sit on my chair.. !!!!!!!! ) I just rushed outside only to find another one.. and this time giving me scary looks.. and opening up it's teeth..!! Gosh !! I was at my wits end.. !!

I just came back into my room.. went behind the door (obviously keeping it open expecting the monkey inside to get out).. and thankfully.. it did what I expected.. Whoah..!!! my legs are still trembling !!!!
This was indeed exciting but a bit scary.!!! Hush..!!! Don't tell this to my Mom.. I told her in January that I have been chased by them atleast 5 times. From the time I got my mobile ..she has been calling me every now and then.. just to verify that nothing untoward has happened.. If I tell her about this incident.. then what happens next .. well I myself don't know what's gonna happen. .



1. Aswin - April 22, 2006

High funda!!

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