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This one sweeps all the Reservation issues to the background… Life at stake!! April 27, 2006

Posted by gantech in Reservation Issues.


This one story beats all reservation issues.. and what’s worse.. this was told to me by a German… i just can’t believe the fact that an IIT Almunus was involved as well. The most horrible thing that i have ever seen.

Actually when i was discussing with my friend on this issue, i was saying “God knows what they’ll do next…prob some Agni Pravesh or something…!!! ” .. and you know how my friend reacted to this.

“about that walking on fire…if you were to insinuate that this were a necessary step to clearing iit-jee, junta in andhra woiuld readily consign their children to the flames, if needed

Well I guess that “Andhra” was just to share his thoughts.. no personal mockery meant.. but I some how feel that statement was true (neglecting andhra)..anyways..Although the article states that no parent was involved in this.. I am sure… many would take a cue from this and go on.. and make their children do the same..God save them.. !!! poor pple.. What’s next !!! ???



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