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Earth .. the place we live.. From Big to Small to Tiny to Immaterial June 29, 2006

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This is really nice.. Seeing the first photo makes you believe how big earth is !! and the even by the second one you’re more than convinced that the earth is just a tiny thing really and seems immaterial as compared to the rest..Wow !! Really cool.. sets you off on one of those persistent philosophical thoughts on Why are we here ??

from http://www.rense.com/general72/size.htm

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Only solution for Peaceful TN !! June 7, 2006

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Got it in one of those many forwards …LOL !!!

Yay !! Picasa for Linux !! June 1, 2006

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I am actually quite happy with Gwenview, but certain features in Picasa just outbeats Gwenview..

Picasa for Linux

Finally Picasa for Linux.. Most importantly .. Debs available.. Uses Wine though.. that’s OK.. no probs.. err.!! . not tested it yet.. My comps all packed up.. ready to take a breather for 2 months.. my stay at IIT Bombay.. dunno how it’s gonna affect my blogging.. (as if I blog very much now.!!)

update: Picasa works brilliantly on Linux and I’m so happy to have it back after 1.5 months ..  !!