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Grades.. !! Funny (Phani) !! Varun !! July 3, 2006

Posted by gantech in Personal Experiences.

I have a character in my class Phanindra … and another Character.. Varun !! Now see this conversation with Phanindra

me: and Varun put S in everything

  too much da
 Phanindra: gaaaaaaaaaaaawd
  why da
 me: ya ya gaed wonly
 Phanindra: why did he put such grades
me: arey forget the grades da..
  I’m trying to forget all that and enjoy here.
 Phanindra: ??
 me: and you’re at home chweet home..
  so what’s the problem
 Phanindra: hello,i am a six pointer
 me: all the more reason to forget them !!
 Phanindra: thats my one and only problem in life
 me: no prob’s da..
  you publish a book next.. “Six point.. funny”
 and you’ll be done for your life..
 Phanindra: ha ha ha
 me: I’ll buy that for sure !!
Phanindra: me 2
  thanks for you rsuport
 me: and we’ll ask Varun to pubish.. “ten point.. sorry nothing higher possible”
ha ha
 Phanindra: :))


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