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Hitting “Mute” on the Ocean Engg professors’ brain August 23, 2008

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Ah…I’d have just loved to do that. Seriously !! on all those 4 profs who blabbered on and on in the 40 x 4 odd classes i had in that department.. and made me listen to 75% of those.. ! read on

TMS: The brain’s mute button
The Michael Bay Verizon FiOS Commercial we’re parodying is all over YouTube.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) isn’t only used to turn off the speech center of the brain, as depicted in the video accompanying the Daily Telegraph article that John highlights in this episodeā€”it’s also useful in therapeutic contexts. For example, it can be used to treat depression.

Naturally, Gawker Media sci-fi blog Io9 does its best to imagine the most dystopian way this treatment could possibly be used. The psychiatrist behind Corpus Callosum recently posted a good roundup of what’s new in TMS.

Am sorry..but that damned sciam-monitor website doesn’t tell me an obvious way to embed that video here.. Please go there and see the video for yourself.

Don’t forget to list the people whom you would like to use this upon !


Pani Puri !! August 20, 2008

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Ah.. a presentation on Pani Puri won some prize for the best slide show at Slide Share

just can’t wait to have one.. will try making it rather.. !

via How to Change the World (thro Rahul Roy Chowdhury)

Technology Shift August 20, 2008

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A nice slide show on technological shifts. Face those facts. But all those predictions seem nonsense to me. See it for the first few slides and once the predictions start.. forget it.

Some interesting olympics videos August 18, 2008

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Some truly interesting videos from the olympics of yesteryears !!

Kerri Strug wins a gold for the US team women gymnastics in a do or die situation..limping to the spring board… (let me not spoil the moment by describing it in mere words)

1996 Altanta Olympics – Kerri Strug’s Gold Medal Vault

Eric Moussambani of Equatorial Guinea swims alone in the first of the 100m free style heats at the 2000 Sydney olympics.. hats off to him and for those who sponsored him to come up to this big stage to participate and booooooo to the laughing crowd and the taunting commentators …

The Dream: Roy and HG on Eric ‘The Eel’ Moussambani

Do you know of other interesting videos ? Please include them in the comment.

via The Best Article Every day

Finding paths through the World’s photos August 18, 2008

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Interesting stuff.. !! They take photos of a location from Flickr and create a 3D rendering out of that to create paths that take you from one photo to another !! Impressive stuff.. !

Interesting to know that a person of my own batch from IITD is involved..

link via Blogoscoped