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About me

I am basically a guy trying to “find my interests” at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. I am currently in my fourth year of Undergraduate studies in the Department of Aerospace Engineering at the same institute.

My current interests include

I am a very Dynamic person.. i.e my interests change so rapidly… Initially I thought this means that I have not found my true area of interest.. but then I have satisfied myself by saying the above statement. I have found that my interests are predominantly interdisciplinary in nature (Analogies between various Engineering branches esp. Fluid Mechanics and Electrical Engineering) and to appreciate the beauty of the mathematics lying underneath. Now that brings up another line of thought.. My actual area of interest could be mathematics.. but now I have given up thinking on these lines and am basically enjoying my life here.

OK enough of academics.. I am the same character otherwise as well.. My computer wallpaper doesn’t remain a constant, I have no favourite colour (i.e I have many). I suddenly draw pictures (but I hated Biology because I had to draw many). I suddenly read a couple of novels and then don’t tounch any for sometime. I occasionally play basketball now. In my first year the craze was TT.

Every one has wishlists.. Mine include

Now that’s an interesting intro isn’t it.



1. Arunn - July 27, 2006

Hi: Thanks for the blogroll, but I would prefer you to link Nonoscience to its actual web location [http://www.arunn.net/scienceblog] rather than to my website.

2. bibomedia - March 4, 2008


3. nexus (guess who I am ) - October 2, 2008

change your about me section I think its a bit outdated

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