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Feet beginning to feel itchy.. !! July 2, 2006

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4 weeks of boredom.. has finally had an impact on me.. I am beginning to want to go out.. More and more..I have had like 10 days off as Saturdays and Sundays.. and yet.. I sort of properly made use of only one day.. The rest were just wasted. (ok.. I did visit some of my relatives.. and also a family friend of mine.. a mourning in whose house.. caused me to visit them thrice.. [:(] ) ..) But apart from that.. nothing.. Just one visit to a shopping mall.. that too quite closeby.. I’ve not even set my foot upon South Mumbai.. and I’ve decided enough’s enough !!

The traveler was active; he went strenuously in search of people, of adventure, of experience. The tourist is passive; he expects interesting things to happen to him. He goes “sight-seeing” – Daniel J. Boorstin

..was a quote that I saw at this person’s blog, but I’ve decided that.. I’ll start off as a tourist and then graduate to a traveller as I go along.. Atleast the expectations of a tourist will start to move my feet.. Then probably.. I can think of becoming a traveller.. BTW.. That was a blog I discovered recently.. Great indeed.. I just envy that person.. Ok.. envy.. may not be a good word to describe my emotions.. but I hope to become atleast a part of what she is .. !!

The lack of company.. is causing a lot of troubles..!! But as the above quote says..I must go in search of people I guess… and they’ll be company.. I just need to be well-informed.. just so that.. I don’t end up in the wrong company.. to find holes being drilled in my pocket !!


Yay !! Picasa for Linux !! June 1, 2006

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I am actually quite happy with Gwenview, but certain features in Picasa just outbeats Gwenview..

Picasa for Linux

Finally Picasa for Linux.. Most importantly .. Debs available.. Uses Wine though.. that’s OK.. no probs.. err.!! . not tested it yet.. My comps all packed up.. ready to take a breather for 2 months.. my stay at IIT Bombay.. dunno how it’s gonna affect my blogging.. (as if I blog very much now.!!)

update: Picasa works brilliantly on Linux and I’m so happy to have it back after 1.5 months ..  !!

Calvin’s ball with my cousin !! 103 NOT OUT !! May 24, 2006

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Met up with my 9 year old cousin Vikram after quite some time !! phew.. !! turned out to be quite an experience !!

First thing that happens when you enter his house.. (i had gone with my parents) There’s a huge cry and roar !! “Peripa vanthachu !! (obviously my father !!)

And then there’s a proud display of his cricketing skills.. (he has been attending some T.T and Cricket camp..) . and then his drawings of various cricketers..

And then.. he shows how good he is at the Keyboard (obviously has been attending classes.. and Chitappa already possessed a Yamaha Keyboard !!).. but unfortunately ends up missing the tune all the time.. gets frustrated (again a huge cry and roar !!) and gives up trying to play it properly..

And then to pacify him.. i decide to play cricket with him !! Divya (his elder sister) joins in as well

This is the main part.. He gets 10 wickets.. whereas I get only one. . his rules..!!

The score is 1/1.. and then he scores 2 runs.. (the batsman’s crease at the bowlers end is only half way up the pitch..!! again his rules !!) and then the score becomes 10/1.. (again.. his own way of accounting.. )

And then.. he loses 5-6 wickets.. still.. the score remains at 15/3.. nice na.. he loses wickets..but gains runs instead !!

And then.. frustrated.. he ends up at 20/10.. my target is 21..!!

i decide to take left hand bat (obviously to give him advantage !!).. but to no avail.. the deliveries are so wide I can’t even give him an opportunity of a “bowled” or a “catch” (btw one pitch catches are out for me !!) I can’t leave deliveries to get out.. he’s not that young as well.. frustrated.. I become run out at 18 .  and you must see the sense of achievement on his face.. and again.. a big cry and roar..!!

Next match.. I get to bat first..!! I don’t even score 10.. but my score is fixed at 99.. his way of accounting..!!  (he had already decided to score a hundred in the next innnings .. so how can that be changed !! ??)

So the brave man starts off.. his desperate attempts at scoring boundaries always end up in him getting clean bowled.!!.. Score 1/4 ..(actually I was suprised he told this.. I thought he would tell 40/2 or something !! ) then I teach him something . obviously to bat. !!.. and then.. he scores 4-5 boundaries.. and then.. he declares himself winner. !! at 103 Not Out !!

Cha.. missed my digicam dearly..His last pose .. at 103 N.O was not something to be missed !! and so were the other moments when he lets out those loud cries.. !!

Later Divya tells me of his heroic achievements at the Club (as he puts it) where he apparently scored 145 not out with around 70 odd fours and 100 odd sixes !! wonderful na !!

After all that.. he settles down for a fundaes session on how to solve the Sudoku by yours truly..!!

Of course most of the things that I did were very similar to that anybody would have done with a 9 year old.. but my fun part was in oberving his “loud cries ” and his moments of Joy and most important of all.. in playing Calvin’s ball with him !!

Had nice fun.!!. hoping to visit him again this friday !!

Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics February 14, 2006

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The first article of this particular yearly Journal or Book (call it whatever you want) is usually on a historical note.. say the life of a great guy in Fluid Mechanics or some institution.. Some times the amount of work done by some people is so much that their works are reviewed in the form of a series…(e.g G.I.Taylor)

This particular thing in the Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics just attracted my attention.. I was just browsing through all the issues in my Library looking for review articles on Turbulence for my term paper.. when I hit upon this.. This is likely to keep me occupied for quite some time…